Super Bonder

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Super Bonder is a new revolutionary product to maximize lash retention. Help your clients get their lashes cured fast! A's Lashes Super Bonder expedites the drying process of lash adhesives by dehydrating the adhesive. Perfect for lash artists who may be working in more humid conditions or for slower drying adhesives.


1.Fan dry the eyelash extensions for 3 minutes after application. 

2. Shake super bonder to mix liquid.

3. Use one drop of primer on lint free micro brushes.

4. Apply a tiny amount of Super Bond on the area where the extensions are attached. Dab off any excess solution onto paper towel if needed.

5. Do not apply on skin.



For professional use only.

If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.

Keep away from heat, children, and pets.

Work in a well-ventilated  environment.

A's Lashes is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of Super Bonder.

MSDS available upon request.