Lash Primer

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Our Lash Primer removes protein deposits from lashes as well as oily residue. Prepares natural hair for improved glue attachment and extend the retention.


  1. Cleanse eyes with a lash shampoo.
  2. Shake primer to mix liquid.
  3. Use one drop of primer on lint free micro brushes. Apply a tiny amount of Lash Primer.
  4. Apply to the natural eyelashes prior to lash extensions application both from on top and underneath to make sure lashes are fully covered with primer.
  5. Do not apply on skin.
  6. Dry with a fan then you can start applying extensions.


For professional use only.

If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.

Keep away from heat, children, and pets

Work in a well-ventilated environment.

A's Lashes is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of Lash Primer.

MSDS available upon request.